Update to COVID restrictions for Churches

The NSW Government and Public Health Officer have today released updated guidelines for Churches given the current and evolving situation in the Northern Beaches LGA. Following are the restrictions that return to Churches in the Greater Sydney area, effective as of midnight tonight (Sunday 20th December):

  • A return to the limit of 1 person per 4 square metres. This equates to a return to the limit of 50 people in St Patricks, and 160 people in St Thomas.
  • No congregational singing and chanting in indoor venues

The latest press conference at 11.48am today from the NSW premier is here
The current NSW Public Health guidelines are here

We are very blessed that the latest restrictions will not impact our current plans for Christmas Masses for those who have already booked. Our Christmas Eve Masses are now limited to the required number and are as follows:
6pm Children’s Mass at St Thomas – only 3 seats remain
9pm Christmas Vigil at St  Patricks – sold out (and will possibly now be in the hall & school playgound)
12pm Midnight Mass at St Thomas – 90 seats remain
8am Christmas Day Mass at St Thomas – 100 seats remain
10.30am Christmas Day Mass at St Thomas – 120 seats remain
Unfortunately we will not be able to sing Christmas hymns together at any of our Christmas Masses this year.
We will continue to keep you updated on any changes that will impact St Patricks and St Thomas over the holidays and encourage you to keep up to date via our website.