Welcome to the Parishes of St Thomas and St Patrick.

We are delighted to welcome you to our Churches. St Patricks and St Thomas are open for Mass, and for private prayer and reflection during the week.

Should you wish to watch a Live Streaming Mass at St Mary’s Cathedral, please follow this LINK .

There are a number of resources on the Archdioscean website  such as a guide to Spiritual Communion and much more. These resources can be accessed HERE

To keep up to date with what is happening in our Parishes, you can subscribe to our ‘Parish Pick’ weekly Bulletin that features our ‘pick’ of prayers, readings and information to inspire you along your faith journey. If you would like to subscribe, simply email [email protected] with your details. The current version can also be found on this website in our Bulletins section.

Further information and links are available in our News & Events section of the website.

Saturday Vigil: 6.00pm (Rosary from 5.00pm)

Sunday: 8.00am

Monday: No daily Mass

Tuesday: No daily Mass

Wednesday: 9.00am

Thursday: No daily Mass

Friday: 9.00am

Saturday: 6.00pm Vigil Mass (Rosary from 5.00pm)

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Saturday Vigil:

Sunday: Portuguese Mass 8.30am; English Mass 10.30am and 5.00pm

Monday: No daily Mass

Tuesday: 6.30am followed by Holy Hour

Wednesday: 6.30am followed by Holy Hour

Thursday: 6.30am followed by Holy Hour

Friday: 6.30am followed by Holy Hour

Saturday: No daily Mass

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