Answers to questions about our Churches reopening….

The reopening of Churches (albeit with restricted numbers) will raise several questions for our Parishioners. Here are some quick answers for you.
Do I need to book for weekday Masses?
No. We do not believe our numbers will exceed 50 during the week so at this stage no booking is required.
What happens if I have forgotten to book weekend Mass?
You should go online and check the trybooking system for the particular Mass you are interested in. If you try to book at the last minute (including on the day of the Mass), the system will advise if there are spaces available. 
What happens if I just turn up at weekend Mass without booking and the doors are closed?
Unfortunately this means that the Church has already reached the capacity of 50 people and you should not attempt to enter. We sincerely appreciate your support in respecting this guideline.
Will I need to sign-in when I arrive for Mass?
Yes. On weekdays you will need to complete your name and phone number each time you attend Mass (sorry!). On weekends, your name will be marked off the booking list. If you have not booked, you will be turned away.
How will I know if I can enter the Church for Mass?
On weekdays, Father will be on hand if our numbers look like they will reach 50 people. On weekends, we will have an usher at the entrance to help you.
Are you still producing the Parish Pick?
Yes. For the foreseeable future, Parish Pick will continue. We have been asked to remove all items from the Church that could be touched by multiple people and as bulletins are often recycled, we are not returning to a printed version just yet.
How will I know where to sit in the Church?
Regardless of whether you are attending a weekday or weekend Mass, private prayer or a Baptism – the rules are the same. Please only sit in the pews marked with green dots. To keep it simple, if you see a green dot, sit on it! This will help ensure the 1.5m rule is adhered to.
Do I have to sit 1.5m apart from people I live with?
No. The only exception to the ‘green dot’ rule is that people who live in the same household may sit side by side.
How often is the Church cleaned?
The Church is cleaned in accordance with the current Public Health guidelines. At present, we are asked to clean the used areas of the Church after each Mass. We are looking for volunteers willing to help with this.
Can we have morning tea after Mass like we used to?
Not just yet. The challenge with COVID-19 is that the longer you are gathered in a group, the greater the chances of transmission. We have been asked to limit the amount of time we spend together to Mass only but hopefully this will change very soon.